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Who We Are

HNB Realty is an asset management and investment consultancy designed for private investors by private investors. Led by Ben Plouvier, we offer services from Acquisition, to Asset Management and Resale.


At HNB, we are committed to protecting and growing your personal wealth through residential real estate investing. Our bespoke investment plans are based on thoughtful analysis of each Client’s investment goals and risk tolerance. We serve in- and out-of-state investors along with 1031 exchange Clients.

While our specialty is Acquisition and Resale, we also offer an Asset Management program that combines traditional property management functions with strategic investment review in order to maximize Clients’ investment returns.

Our commitment to Clients is personal to us: We pledge to empathize, analyze, and educate you through all of your investment challenges, no matter how big or small.



At HNB Realty, we want to protect and grow our Clients’ wealth and knowledge through strategic real estate investing. Our goal is to do this by nurturing meaningful, long-lasting customer relationships, founded on trust and fortified by our superior services.

We want HNB to be renowned for its professionalism as well as its excellent consulting service resulting in superior market returns.



HNB is dedicated to helping clients access greater personal wealth through customized investment strategies applied within the Houston metroplex residential market. These strategies will always be carefully calibrated to help generate fantastic results over an extended period of time––all without the hassle of having to manage tenants or perform any ongoing maintenance.


Core Values


We are fiduciaries who put your interests first.
As such, we believe we have a constant duty to preserve your good faith.


We utilize proven investment methods to offer personalized, best-in-class consultations via our highly qualified staff of real estate professionals.


We believe in transparent processes as well as clear, direct, and honest communication.


We’re committed to our clients’ success, and we strive to foster lasting relationships with each and every one of our customers.

Our Story

Meet our founder, Benjamin Plouvier.

Ben Plouvier has been a real estate entrepreneur and investor in the Houston metroplex market since 2008. Highly adept at analyzing and customizing investment strategies through data-driven decision making, his skillset has led him to consistently deliver superior cash-on-cash returns with his Client base.


HNB Realty was born of Ben’s personal investment journey when trying to scale his rental portfolio. Despite being a highly experienced investor, he was unable to find an effective property manager to oversee day-to-day rental operations while streamlining the accounting process. He knew this type of two-fold management was essential in order to focus on scaling his own portfolio, and yet he struggled to locate a qualified manager who could deliver. 


Ben’s decision to launch a company dedicated to serving private investors like himself led to the creation of a bespoke company for busy professionals. This real estate investment company would guide Clients through their entire investment journey: from Acquisition, to Asset Management, and Resale. 


Today, Ben and the HNB Realty team use proprietary methods for management and consultancy designed to support Clients in protecting and growing their wealth. He is confident that his team’s boutique services will help you elevate your portfolio.

Get In Touch

Our team members are ready to assist you with all of your real estate investing needs. 

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