Real Estate Investing in Houston

As a Houston-based boutique asset management and investment consultancy, we understand the unique needs of private investors in the area. Investing in Houston’s real estate market can yield a 15 to 45 percent annualized return, averaging around 20 percent with a positive cash-on-cash return year over year. 

New Investors

New Investors

Seasoned Investors

Seasoned Investors

Out Of State Investors

Out-of-state Investors

Investment Manager

Investment Manager

Syndicated Investor

Syndicated Investors

Reporting and Asset Performance

HNB Realty Process

Real Estate Investing for New Investors

As a new investor, you have plenty of questions but may not know which resources or experts to trust.



How do I invest in rental property? What are the common pitfalls I should avoid as a new investor? How do I know if an asset management program is a right fit for me?



HNB Realty stays up-to-date on the latest real estate investment knowledge to help your disposable income turn into a satisfying return. In addition to discussing your targets face-to-face, we provide unique and educational investment content straight to your inbox.

Real Estate New Investors
Real Estate Seasoned Investors

Real Estate Investing for Seasoned Investors

As a knowledgeable investor and busy professional, you understand the ins and outs of real estate investing but don’t have the time to diversify your portfolio.



Experienced investors trust the HNB Realty team to manage their assets with integrity and an unparalleled grasp of the real estate market.



From residential to commercial, you can expect a dedicated real estate agent to increase your real estate asset values with strategies backed by financial analyses and extensive market knowledge. Our dedication to our clients has resulted in investor partnerships spanning more than a decade.

Real Estate Investing for Out-of-state Investors

Out-of-state investing comes with its own set of intricacies and challenges. Fortunately, our team at HNB Realty is equipped with the knowledge needed to make sound investment decisions outside your home state.



We perform due diligence on your behalf so you can rest assured that your real estate investment checks off all your boxes.



We believe that reliable property management is critical when investing out-of-state and employ asset analysis, transfer plans, and investing strategies uniquely beneficial to this investment type. In addition, our decade-old investor partnerships showcase the integrity with which we approach our relationships with our clients.

Real Estate Investing Seasoned Investor

Real Estate Investing for Hedge Fund Investment Manager

At HNB Realty, we partner with hedge fund managers to find the best deals. We help managers through the acquisition process and help manage your income producing assets.



HNB Realty provides you with imperative organization and quality opportunities to achieve long-term capital growth and wealth preservation.

Real Estate Investing for Syndicated Investors

HNB offers syndication for real estate projects and residential developments such as luxury builds and townhomes. Our trusted team gives you the option to invest passively while we yield results.


We assess and pursue investment strategies that are aligned with your long-term investment goals.

Real Estate Syndicated Investors

HNB Asset Management Program

Unlike marketable securities, real estate investment success is highly correlated to the effective management of investor assets. HNB has designed a unique asset management program that encompasses day-to-day property management functions as well as a broader, more strategic approach to asset and portfolio performance.


The HNB Realty Process

Our process consists of a custom approach committed to protecting and growing your wealth. From acquisition to asset management to resale, we factor your goals and our market knowledge along with financial analyses to ensure that your investment returns meet and even exceed your expectations. As a client-focused asset management and investment consultancy, our results prove just how dedicated we are to our investors.

The HNB Realty Difference

Designed for private investors by private investors, HNB Realty is dedicated to helping you reach your goals. While our competitors typically function either as pure brokerage or property management companies, HNB offers an integrated approach to investing. Investor-friendly realtors help you decide on the best course of action by utilizing metrics and data driven approaches. Our clients trust our expert team to guide them through the investment process while ensuring that their asset is managed appropriately so they can make time for what matters to them.

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