Frequently Asked Questions

A: We help financially qualified individuals identify, acquire, and resell residential homes through a customized investment plan. This includes reviewing renovations and improvements to increase value of the asset in light of market conditions.

A: We do not help buyers find flips or foreclosures, nor do we advise on creative financing opportunities.

A: Yes. We generally help buyers find homes in the Inner Loop and near-city property markets. We do not target newer, unestablished neighborhoods or Houston’s extended suburbs.

A: Homes in these areas, in our opinion, offer the best combination of location, affordability, school choice, and amenities to attract quality renters. These homes also offer appreciation potential and median value housing stock for investors.

A: $200K to $450K, in general. Or, roughly, 30-35% above and below the median Houston home value.

We recommend about $50,000 to $125,000. This will provide funds for a 20-25% down payment and property reserves equal to four to six months’ mortgage payment. 

A: Yes, we have strict criteria on number of bedrooms and bathrooms, garage space, square footage, and build year.

A: Yes, we consider additional criteria in an effort to help investors avoid homes with “misfit” attributes or functional obsolescence

A: Yes. Real Estate investing is extremely risky. You might lose money. You should only invest in real estate with money that you are willing to put at risk. We recommend that your financial house is in order with no consumer debt, healthy 401k contributions, and diversified investment strategies.

No. We help financially qualified individuals identify, acquire and resell residential homes, but we are not financial advisors or accountants. 

A: No. That’s not what we do. We help financially qualified individuals identify, acquire and resell residential homes, but we are not financial advisors or accountants.

A: Both strategies offer pros and cons, and the best will depend on your cash position, risk tolerance, and current asset portfolio. We will analyze both options in detail and provide a data driven plan.

A: Yes, we help our in- and out-of-state Clients on a regular basis with 1031 exchanges as they improve and diversify their portfolio. Our Client are both in and out of state.

A: Yes, we help our Clients shop for the right financing tailored to investors. We do not however recommend creative financing opportunities.

The above should get you started on considering the basic parameters we think a prudent investor should consider. We’re here to help once you’ve determined that investing is a good idea for you and your financial goals.

Still Got Questions?

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

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