Asset Management

At HNB Realty, we currently oversee more than $5 million in real estate assets, offering hands-on property management services along with asset performance and portfolio management.


We help our clients to maximize cash flow and reduce the stress of managing their properties, tenants and late night calls. We also monitor your asset’s performance using real-time management and reporting tools.


The following are some specific asset management services we offer for our real estate investors.

Lease Marketing

Tenant Screening




Tenant Issue Management​

Property Turnarounds

Reporting and Asset Performance

Reporting & Asset Performance​

Lease Marketing

Vacancies interrupt cash flow and affect real estate investment returns. To minimize vacancies as much as possible, our team at HNB Realty uses a professional, time-tested lease marketing strategy as part of our asset management program.


When your rental properties are vacant, we work quickly to ensure they do not stay open for long. We know how to create highly targeted, well-optimized listings and distribute them across a variety of platforms.

Lease Marketing
Tenant screening service

Tenant Screening

Our team also handles the tenant screening process. We vet candidates to ensure that we only rent properties to well qualified tenants. With our custom, in-house screening process, we use a combination of advanced data search and years of property management experience to keep bad tenants out and draw in long-term, quality residents.


Our team at HNB Realty has years of experience handling the leasing and tenant management process. We will explain the lease carefully to each tenant and make sure the signing and move-in process goes as smoothly as possible through our concierge style utility connection service and walk-through app.


We also ensure that after the lease is signed, tenants are satisfied, and the property remains well-maintained to minimize any cash flow interruptions.

Leasing by HNB Realty


At HNB Realty, our top priority is always to protect your assets. Our team regularly uploads inspection reports, and tenants submit all work orders via their online portal. This makes it easy for us to keep tabs on the state of the property and ensure that any necessary repairs are handled quickly.

We also have an extensive network of subcontractors with preferential rates to keep costs as low as possible

Tenant Issue Management

Sometimes, tenant issues are unavoidable. Fortunately, we have the experience needed to deal with these issues as soon as they arise, so you do not have to.


We keep track of all tenants’ needs and requests and work hard to address them right away. We also log this information so that you can see what is happening and stay informed throughout the process.


HNB Realty always manages tenants’ issues according to state law and according to the terms of their lease. If necessary, we can also file the necessary paperwork for evictions once all the preliminary notices have been posted.

Property Turnarounds

Our team at HNB Realty understands that efficient property turnaround is key. Our goal is to keep vacancy rates low, which helps to prevent cash flow interruptions from negatively affecting your returns.


We manage property turnarounds by making sure that properties are cleaned, repaired, and ready to rent out as soon as possible after the current tenants vacate.


We also know how to fill the vacancy right away with our professional lease marketing strategy, which allows us to easily find qualified tenants and get them settled into your property right away.

Reporting & Asset Performance

We know the importance of staying informed of your investing assets, especially if you own multiple properties.


We also monitor your asset’s actual performance against your projections to make sure we effectively delivery the projected returns.


In addition, as part of our ongoing commitment to maximizing your investment returns, our team of experts rigorously reviews both market and neighborhood trends, and periodically proposes property value improvement strategies to better capitalize on these opportunities.

Asset Performance


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