The 6 Biggest Risks in Real Estate Investing You Should Know

Investing is all about managing and mitigating risks to gain rewards, but managing them can be difficult. There are many untold, unplanned, and unexpected dangers in real estate investing. Trained professionals are used to them and have come to expect the ebbs and flows of the market after years of observation and understanding. Someone withContinue reading “The 6 Biggest Risks in Real Estate Investing You Should Know”

3 Ways to Earn Passive Income Through Real Estate Investing

Interest in real estate is increasing exponentially due to inflation uncertainty in the economy, real estate is considered by many as an inflation adjusted investment. However, many interested parties are also unsure of how to get started or how to maximize income from these investments. After all, passive income can be a great way toContinue reading “3 Ways to Earn Passive Income Through Real Estate Investing”

Pros and Cons of Investing in Houston, Texas

Most Real Estate Investors are aware that the major Texas metroplex is one of the strongest markets for real estate investment properties nationwide. If you are currently looking to invest in Houston, it needs to be understood that it is a fast-moving and competitive market. Having an expert firm that has exact knowledge of theContinue reading “Pros and Cons of Investing in Houston, Texas”

Real Estate Asset Management or Property Management – What is the Difference?

Real estate is property that has been developed or improved on. It is also referred to as an asset through its intrinsic value and benefits derived from it. Real estate investors own these properties with the intent of making money from the income it can produce or the appreciation of the asset upon resale. RealContinue reading “Real Estate Asset Management or Property Management – What is the Difference?”

Accounting Tips to Maximize ROI on Your Houston Investment Property

Accounting and bookkeeping is necessary for real estate investing, but not necessarily a way to impact ROI.  However, with the right accounting tools and software, investors can increase their income while reducing their expenses. A lot of rental property owners can’t say with certainty what their assets are worth and how they plan to maximizeContinue reading “Accounting Tips to Maximize ROI on Your Houston Investment Property”

6 Factors That Influence A Home’s Value | Houston Portfolio Management

Today we’re looking at home values, and the factors that influence what you can earn on your property when you’re renting it out to tenants. 

Things to Keep in Mind for First-time Houston Real Estate Investors

Once the investment goals are established, the best thing to do is carefully choose some experts who can provide the support and resources needed for an exceptional and successful investment experience.

Best Neighborhoods in Houston to Invest in Real Estate

Anyone looking to invest in Houston right now needs to understand that it’s a competitive, fast-moving market. You need all the advantages you can gather, and one of those advantages is an expert firm in the local area. We consult with private investors on choosing properties, preparing them for the market, and then maximizing returns during the hold period.

How to Diversify Your Investment Portfolio in Houston

Financial experts will tell you this is true of your stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. It’s especially true when we are talking about your real estate portfolio. Diversifying your investment properties and the way you acquire them will help you grow the value of your assets and limit your risk. 

Landlord Education: How to Treat Houston Real Estate Investing as a Business

We have seen a lot of investors succeed in the Houston rental market, and we’ve also seen a lot of investors fail. In our experience, those who succeed do so because they’re willing to treat their investment property like a business. If you’re renting out a home you once lived in or you have strong emotional ties to the property, it can be difficult to create a sense of space and distance between you and the home. But, it’s essential.